Genital and anal whitening (Genital lightening)

genital whitening in mexico


I went to Gynecological Center to perform a Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure and I totally recommend it. I obtained the aesthetics results I desired, but the best part is that it was totally painless.

What is the genital and anal whitening (genital lightening)?

The whitening or lightening of the genital and anal areas is the bleaching of the pigmented dark area around the anal portion and of the genitals with aesthetic purposes.

Today, it is common that women do not feel totally comfortable when having relations due to the darkening of the perianal, anal and vulvar portions, leading them to restrictions or discomfort during sexual relations.


¿Which are the causes of the genital darkening?

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Tightened underwear
  • Age
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pregnancies
  • Contact with dressings during the period
  • Sexual practices
  • Depilatory creams and shaving

genital lightening in mexico 

Recommendations to prevent the genital pigmentation

  • Avoid the exposure of the genital area to the sun.
  • Avoid wearing tight cloths with spring as the constant friction and rub generate hyperpigmentation.
  • Have a good hygiene of the intimate area. The menstrual flow contains iron, same that promotes pigmentation. So it is advisable to clean with wet wipes.


Treatments for Genital and Anal Whitening in Mexico City

There are different types of treatments for achieving the reduction of the dark skin of the intimate areas in women. Such as master creams containing components such as hydroquinone, the use of laser (by which the results are achieved in a few weeks) and finally, combinations of acids such as salicylic, glycolic and trichloroacetic acid.

At the Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic of the Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center we have a Comprehensive Protocol of Genital Whitening, which combines the use of laser and bleaching substances. Our protocol for the Genital Withering or Lightening comprises 8   comprehensive laser sessions which achieve the depigmentation of the dark area of the skin surrounding the genitals using the ultimate laser technology.

Depending on the phototype of the skin or the level of hyperpigmentation, there are required between 6 and 8 treatments (1 monthly session).

If you are interested in the genital and perianal whitening or lightening or you require personalized information, do not hesitate to Contact us, we will inform you without compromise. There is a solution for your problem, don’t wait more! Let our certified specialists guide you.

You may also book an appointment on line for a Genital Whitening assessment in our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic in Mexico City.

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