Release of the clitoral hood with laser | Clitoroplastía

With the laser technology it is also possible to solve problems with the clitoris in those women that have a reduction in the sensation when being stimulated on the clitoris. This, due to an excess tissue or skin redundancy over the clitoris.

Sometimes, there are women who fell uncomfortable due to the size of their clitoris, of the skin surrounding same or they find it unhooked. The laser surgery corrects this problem, resulting in a better contraction and greater sensations at the time of scrubbing.

This procedure is strongly related with the possibility of achieving orgasms and does not imply a direct intervention over the glans or the body of the clitoris.

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How is a laser clitoroplasty made?

  • The laser clitoroplasty is a simple short stay procedure.
  • The laser clitoroplasty uses local anesthesia.
  • The release of a clitoral hood release may take between 30 and 40 minutes, as the case may be, it is fast as there are currently precision instruments such as the diode laser.
  • In a clitoroplasty, the diode laser cuts the excess of the clitoral hood, thus removing the mucosa and the excess tissue, avoiding the bleeding and inflammation of the cutting areas, thus allowing the specialist to close the incision with materials that will be absorbed with no need of removing same.
  • The laser clitoroplasty allows a fast and painless recovery.


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Why choose Gynecological Center for a Clitorpolasty?

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