Special Price in Colposcopy at Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center at Ángeles Pedregal Hospital


Colposcopy and pap test

Benefit from 2x1 in 1st time Patients with special price for colposcopy + pap test


Checkup + colposcopy

Special price: Consultation, ultrasound, pap test, colposcopy and breast exam.


Colposcopy – HPV

The best diagnose of the human papillomavirus: consultation, pap test, colposcopy and PCR.


Colposcopy – Comprehensive HPV

Diagnose and treatment for HPV: consultation, pap test, colposcopy, PCR and cryosurgery.


Climacteric Colposcopy

Gynecological Checkup My 40’s with Colposcopy. For an appropriate attention of the Climacteric. Special Price:




What is a colposcopy?

Is a medical study based on the application of dyes in the cervix and vagina to be later seen by microscope by means of special lenses that allow for the specialist to diagnose changes that may be related to infections caused by the papilloma virus or even cancer. The colposcopy is made at the doctor’s office and it is very important for it to be made by a specialized physician and not a technician.

How important is the colposcopy?

The importance of the colposcopy lies in the fact that it allows us to locate the position and features of the injuries at the vagina, vulva and cervix.

Who should make a colposcopy?

  • All women who have initiated their sexual live shall make a colposcopy.
  • Women having an altered pap test result shall make a colposcopy.
  • A colposcopy may be made as control in patients with prior diagnose of the virus.
  • The colposcopy shall be made in patients with recurrent pathologies such as vaginal infections and vaginal bleedings.

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