Benefits of having a Doula in your Delivery or Cesarean

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In Gynecological Center we have gathered all the necessary elements to provide you a memorable and humanized experience in your delivery or cesarean.

We not only have excellent certified Gynecologists and Obstetricians whose priority is to guarantee the physical integrity of your baby and you during pregnancy, his birth and your cares after the delivery, we also have the service of a Doula that is professionally prepared to accompany and provide emotional, physical and educational support to our patients in 3 different stages

  • 01Our Doula may support you during pregnancy
  • 02In Gynecological Center, a Doula provides you support during delivery / cesarean
  • 03Our Doula may provide you support after delivery.


It is important to remind you that, in order to maintain the physical integrity of your baby and you, our Gynecologists and Obstetricians are responsible of the clinical aspects during your Delivery or Cesarean, while the roll of the Doula is to help you have a more humanized and pleasant delivery through the emotional accompaniment, as well as support and physical help.


A Doula accompanies you to make you feel emotionally secure and have a memorable experience in your delivery or even during a cesarean.


In Gynecological Center we support natural delivery, however, there are times in which a cesarean shall be the most indicated and due to the unexpected of this situation, the future moms feel they are not prepared for that moment, suffering from anxiety, frustration and depression. So the intervention of a Doula may provide emotional support and a stimulus facing this unexpected scenario.

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