Gynecology Services Ángeles Pedregal Hospital

At Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center we offer you excellence, professionalism, discretion and a personal treatment regarding Comprehensive Gynecologic.

Remember that in Gynecological Center you will be attended only by certified gynecologists with high specialty so that you receive the premium attention you deserve.

Find us at Ángeles Pedregal Hospital, prestige Institution that supports the excellent services provided by the Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center.

Do not risk your health, visit a certified Gynecologist and put your life in the hands of a specialist!!


Gynecological Consultation and Comprehensive Gynecology Services

  • Consultation with certified Gynecologists
  • The best gynecological checkup in Ángeles Pedregal Hospital
  • Promotions for contraception methods
  • Treatment of menopause and climacteric
  • Bioidentical hormones
  • The best packages for Detection and treatment of human papillomavirus
  • Exclusive promotions in HPV vaccines.
  • The best packages of Gynecological Studies.

Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center. Ángeles Pedregal Hospital

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Gynecological Surgery