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Today, it is possible to revive the sensation of that first time, no matter the time elapsed since the first sexual relation with a simple procedure with takes not more thatn 45 minutes.

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What a hymenoplasty is?

The hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure consisting of the reconstruction of the hymen (A fine fibrous and elastic tissue found at the entrance of the vagina and which social value lies in guaranteeing the virginity of women).


How is a hymenoplasty performed?

The hymenoplasty is performed by applying local anesthesia placing the patient in gynecological position and with specific instruments, the reconstruction of the hymen is performed in approximately 45 minutes, obtaining a new membrane at the entrance of the vagina known as hymen.

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Who are the candidates for a hymenoplasty?

The patients that request this kind of surgery are patients that at any moment had a tear or break of the hymen caused by different events such as strikes, mounting, using bikes, sexual penetration or even using tampons, among others, which at the end causes a bleeding.

There are many reasons why the patients choose to perform a hymenoplasty, which go from the social, cultural or even religious reasons (in which some women shall assure that their hymen is intact before marriage), to more traumatic cases such as abuses, wherein the patient did not want to lose her hymen that way.


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What to expect after the hymenoplasty?

After hymenoplasty, we will recommend an at least 24 hours rest and the use of feminine towels for the next 48 hours in case of period-type bleeding. It is essential to avoid any kind of sexual activity during one month, and thereafter restart the sexual life without any problem whatsoever.


Why choose Gynecological Center for a Hymenoplasty?

We are a team of specialists in gynecology and obstetrics certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery with wide experience in vaginal aesthetics and functioning.

If you are interested in the Hymenoplasty or you require personalized information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without compromise. There is a solution for your problem, don’t wait more! Let our certified specialists guide you.

You may also book an appointment on line for a Hymenoplasty assessment in our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic in Mexico City.


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