Labiaplasty for increase in labia majora

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As the year passes or when losing weight, it is often that the firmness and the collagen at the intimate tissues are reduced. These same changes also impact the turgor and fill of the labia majora, same that may be seen fallen, flaccid and empty.
This may be solved by filling the labia majora with hyaluronic acid, which will require touching up every two years to maintain the results.

labioplastia de aumento labios mayores


How is the labiaplasty for increase made?

  • The labiaplasty for increase is a simple short stay procedure.
  • The labiaplasty for increase uses local anesthesia
  • The labiaplasty for increase may take between 30 and 40 minutes as the case may be, it is fast as there are currently precision instruments and by using hyaluronic acid and two simple punctures, the molding of both labia is achieved.
  • The labiaplasty for increase does not require any recovery and produces minor discomfort.


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