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Within the surgeries comprising the vaginal aesthetics, we may find the following ones:

  • Laser Labiaplasties
  • Hymenoplasties
  • Laser Vaginoplasties


I made a Labiaplasty at Gynecological Center in Mexico City and the outcomes superseded my expectations. The trust transmitted by the staff is incredible, they explain the procedure step by step. I am totally satisfied with the outcomes. I recommend them 100%.


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Laser Labiaplasty, how is it made?

  • he Laser labiaplasty is a simple short stay procedure.
  • The Laser labiaplasty uses local anesthesia
  • A laser labiaplasty takes around 30 and 40 minutes as the case may be, it is fast as there are currently precision instruments such as the diode laser.
  • In a labiaplasty, the diode laser cuts the excess of the lips, thus removing the mucosa and the excess tissue that bothers the patient, avoiding the bleeding and inflammation of the cutting areas, thus allowing the specialist to close the incision with materials that will be absorbed with no need of removing same.
  • The laser labiaplasty allows a fast and painless recovery.


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Results of a Laser Labiaplasty

After the laser labiaplasty procedure, the patient will achieve an aesthetic, tense and juvenile appearance of the area, it is important to note that there is no sensibility loss. A few weeks after the laser labiaplasty, the patient may use again tight clothing and play any sports she requires. Every patient shall attend an assessment consultation with our specialists at Gynecological Center, who, in an intimal and relaxed environment, will tell her about the benefits and changes that will be reflected after a laser labiaplasty.

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Who are the candidates for a labiaplasty?

The laser labiaplasty is for every woman that requires and needs to feel good with herself and that considers that her lips annoy her, cause her pain or simply for aesthetic issues. . A greater lips with size and volume increased may have a negative effect in woman, both in intimacy as well as in the self-esteem.

During her life, the woman is exposed to different events such as ageing, deliveries, obstetric traumas and even genetic factors which cause laxity and weakening of the tissues and muscles comprising the intimate area, this not only reduces the quality and trust experienced by woman, but it is extended to their couples.
With these events, the lips also become less attractive thus carrying discomforts such as the sensation of a foreign body between the legs, flabbiness, irritations, strain sensation, pain and discomfort when using tight cloths.


Causes for which you may require a laser labiaplasty

  • Damage in the lips after delivery
  • Irregular and exaggerated appearance of the lips
  • Discomfort when exercising
  • Desire of improving the intimal aesthetic appearance
  • Discomfort when using tight cloths

It is important to recall that the degree of sexual satisfaction is extremely related with the friction produced at the vagina at the time of having sexual intercourse. Therefore, said goal may be achieved with the vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

Which are the risks when performing a laser labiaplasty?

Although it is considered a minor procedure, as with every procedure it bears certain risks including bleeding, infection, and wound healing.
The most recommendable is to go with specialists and gynecologists certified in these kind of procedures.


Why choose Gynecological Center for a Laser Labiaplasty?

  • We are a team of specialists in gynecology and obstetrics certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery with wide experience in vaginal aesthetics and functioning.
  • We have all-inclusive packages for laser labiaplasty in Mexico DF.


laser labiaplasty in mexico city

Price of the Laser Labiaplasty at Gynecological Center

Special price for laser labiaplasty $30,000.00


What does our laser labiaplasty package includes?

  • Assesment appointment with certified specialists
  • Laser labiaplasty in Gynecological Center
  • Revision consultations

If you are interested in a Laser Labiaplasty or you require personalized information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without compromise.. There is a solution for your problem, don’t wait more! Let our certified specialists guide you.

You may also book an appointment on line for a Laser Labiaplasty assessment in our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic in Mexico City

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