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The laser vaginal tightening also known as vaginal rejuvenation with laser is a non-surgical procedure which, by means of a thermal effect caused with laser, obtains the contraction of the collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa, thus achieving a tensing reaction which results in a reduction of the diameter and length of the vagina.


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When is the laser vaginal tightening recommended?

With the years, the vaginal collagen and elastin tend to diminish, as well as the estrogen concentrations; these changes cause a reduction in the elasticity and tensile strength of the walls of the vagina, producing a relaxation effect. There are also other events that cause the loss of said tensile strength in the walls of the vagina such as deliveries and frequent sexual relations. Facing this scenario, the solution is the laser vaginal tightening offered by Gynecological Center at Ángeles Pedregal Hospital in Mexico City.


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What the laser vaginal tightening is?

  • The laser vaginal tightening is a simple, , outpatient procedure which does not produce any pain during or after same.
  • The laser vaginal tightening is made during exploration, with the patient placed in gynecological position, placing the laser head which is in charge of refracting the light in a 360° angle, heating and radiating the laser in the entire surface of the vaginal mucosa and the vaginal introitus.
  • The laser vaginal tightening takes around 20 minutes and up to 3 sessions may be performed depending on the case.


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 Why choose Gynecological Center for a Laser Vaginal Tightening?

  • We are a team of specialists in gynecology and obstetrics certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery with wide experience in vaginal aesthetics and functioning.
  • We have all-inclusive packages for laser vaginal tightening or rejuvenation in Mexico City.

If you are interested in the Laser Vaginal Tightening or you require personalized information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you without compromise. . There is a solution for your problem, don’t wait more! Let our certified specialists guide you

You may also book an appointment on line for a Laser Vaginal Tightening assessment in our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic in Mexico City.

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