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What the attention to foreign patient is?

Is a new concept in which patients travel looking for wellness vacations, spa treatments, health prevention services, specialized diagnoses and surgeries which are not so accessible in their countries economically speaking or, on the contrary, do not have the medical technology and infrastructure.

In Gynecological and Laparoscopic Center we have a wide hospital and medical staff range that will turn your travel and surgery into a comfortable experience.

The high specialty surgeries and the recovery process of our tourists are monitored at all times with warmth and professionalism by our operators, making your stay in our country pleasant and safe.


 How does the medical tourism works with Gynecological Center?

  • 01First fill in the FORM
  • 02Then our assistants will contact you to book a virtual appointment with the specialist that will handle your case (free of charge). (It is important to clarify that we do not provide online medical services, but you will receive the necessary guidance to receive medical services once you travel and visit our facilities)
  • 03In that virtual appointment with the specialist the whole process will be explained, besides solving the relevant doubts.
  • 04The surgery will be scheduled and the hotel at your convenience will be booked, our assistants will help you choose same.
  • 05hotel is booked according to the services and possibilities of each patient.
  • 06When arriving to the destination (two days before the procedure).
  • 07A vehicle will wait for you at the airport to drive you to the hotel or, if applicable, to the final evaluation consultation.
  • 08The details will be refined at the evaluation appointment (free of charge).
  • 09Arrive to the hospital on the date and time indicated for the surgery.
  • 10Generally, it is required to spend one night at the hospital.
  • 11Return to your destination.
  • 12Assistance by any electronic or telephone means 24 hours after your procedure.


Advantages of Gynecological Center in Medical Tourism

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Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center. Ángeles Pedregal Hospital

Camino a Santa Teresa #1055 617 Office, Ángeles Tower. Col. Heroes de Padierna. C.P. 10700, Magdalena Conteras,México D.F. 56522286 and 56522278

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