Pap Test

Special Pap test price at Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center at Ángeles Pedregal Hospital


Colposcopy and pap test

Benefit from 2x1 in 1st time Patients with special price for colposcopy + pap test


Checkup with pap test

Special price: Consultation, ultrasound, pap test and breast exam. 2x1 1st time patients


Pap test – HPV

The best diagnose of the human papillomavirus: consultation, pap test, colposcopy and PCR


Pap test – Comprehensive HPV

Diagnose and treatment for HPV: consultation, pap test, colposcopy, PCR and cryosurgery


Climacteric Pap test

Gynecological Checkup My 40’s with Pap test. For an appropriate attention of the Climacteric. Special Price:




What is a pap test?

The pap test is a medical study performed at the doctor’s office wherein the gynecologist collects a sample of cells present in the cervix and vagina. Said sample is then assessed by a pathologist who determines if the cells have features corresponding to certain infections and changes as those shown by cancer. In the results of a pap test the following terms are often seen: infection, inflammation, abnormal cells and cancer.


How important is the pap test?

The pap test is a main importance study as this test is part of the periodical routine tests of all women. Thanks to the pap test, it is possible to detect anomalies which could end in an advanced cancer if they are not detected on time. It is important to keep in mind that the cancer may be prevented and treated if the patients make their studies in a timely manner..


Who should make a pap test?

  • All women who have initiated their sexual live shall make a pap test.
  • A pap test may be made as control in patients with prior diagnose of the virus.
  • The pap test shall be made in patients with recurrent pathologies such as vaginal infections and vaginal bleedings.


What is a liquid cytology test?

The liquid cytology test has the same objective than the pap test. It is made at the doctor’s office, where the gynecologist collects a sample of the cells present in the cervix, but instead of placing the sample on a glass slide, it is placed on a liquid mean that the pathologist will later wash to free it from impurities and thus study the abnormal cells. Its cost is generally higher than a pap test and this test bears the advantage that it may be made during the period or bleeding days.

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