Reasons for keeping your womb!

In Gynecological and Laparoscopic Surgery Center in Ángeles Pedregal Hospital, we offer you the best treatments for uterine fibroids without removing your uterus or womb, as we understand the comprehensive impact that this may cause to your health.

According to the last studies, pregnancy and menstrual bleedings are not the only functions of the uterus.

  • 01The womb, or also called uterus, is essential for the human reproduction.
  • 02It works along the ovaries as it synthesizes prostacyclin which ease the ovulation and favor the tubal movement.
  • 03Is the orchestrator organ in the neuro-endocrinal system of the brain, hypothalamus and hypophysis.
  • 04It works with a hormonal receptor of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, and thus it engages in the development of the uterine gland.
  • 05It works as producer of hormone factors such as prostaglandins, Endothelyn-1, plasminogene activator, relaxin, renin, lactoferrin, among others.
  • 06It works as organic protector as it synthesizes prostacyclins, preventing strokes.
  • 07It has a erogenous participation as the cervix and formix are very sensitive.
  • 08The cervix secrets mucus, same that allows for the lubrication of the vagina and sexual preparation
  • 09Provides sensibility and support to the pelvic organs
  • 10Supports the vagina both in the forward and in the backward side.
  • 11It is an important factor in the sexual health of woman as it provides a fullness sensation, the progesterone has been found to have an anxiolytic effect.

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