Treatments for Vaginismus and Vulvodynia

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What the Vaginismus is?

The term vaginismus refers to a sexual dysfunction in women characterized by the involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina during the attempt of penetration or coitus. These repetitive attempts cause pain, ardor and other discomforts in the woman and although they enjoy the previous caress, they do not achieve the penetration.

These features of the Vaginismus could not only arise during the sexual relations, but they could difficult a gynecological exam and even the placement of tampons. These changes will arise cogently, so it is normal for women to feel disoriented and confused.


Consequences of suffering of vaginismus

The vaginismus impacts damaging may relationships. Causing doubts among the couples, mistrust, insecurity and dissatisfaction with the final incapacity of conceiving children.

It is important to recall that this condition is not controlled by the woman, but it is an involuntary response of the pelvic muscles that surround the vagina and are contracted. It is common that the woman is not aware of said response and this takes her to think that it is a lubrication issue, this is a wrong thought, as the lubrication of the woman is an adequate lubrication and does not bear the absence of excitation.


How to know if you suffer of vaginismus?

  • Pelvic pain during the attempts of penetration and during relations.
  • Pain, ardor or vaginal discomfort during the attempts of penetration and during relations.
  • Tenderness or pain when stimulating with fingers.
  • Pain when placing tampons.
  • Difficulty in maintaining an adequate time at the sexual intercourse.
  • Anxiety and stress facing the sexual intercourse due to the fear to pain.


What to do if you suffer of vaginismus?

It is important to visit a specialist gynecologist who will first diagnose the condition and show you the different options of treatment for vaginismus.

The vaginismus is a problem that has a solution, the vaginal canal has the capacity of being very flexible, and with the aid of a good treatment, the necessary expansion may be rapidly reached to achieve a painless penetration.


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Treatments for Vaginismus

The main goal of the treatment is the diagnose thereof, which is made with the comprehensive evaluation of the patient by the specialists, allowing to determine the severity of the condition.

The second objective is for the couple to be aware and identify her own physical and body sensations to finally reach the treatment based on several techniques and strategies such as:

  • Sexual Education
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Vaginal Dilators
  • Kegel Exercises
  • Exercise before the sexual relation
  • Pharmacological treatment for vaginismus
  • Psychotherapy
  • Botox Injection

The most important thing, and the first step, is to recognize that you may have this problem. It is necessary for you to visit the adequate specialist, which in this case will be a gynecologist, in order to start a treatment and be able to look for a solution to your problem.


Causes of the Vaginismus

The causes of the vaginismus vary and it will be necessary for you and your doctor to search for the causes in order to design the best treatment for you.


Why choose Gynecological Center for the treatment of vaginismus?

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